We are exclusive representatives in Mexico of Steinert's Sensor Sorting Units, who has revolutionized the industry with the eccentric pole non-ferrous metal separator.
Our technology makes it possible to identify and separate valuable minerals from non-valuable minerals, starting from a medium particle fraction (<3"), without having to go to milling, giving our customers the opportunity to make further progress towards a highly profitable and resource-friendly circular economy.

Most common applications in mining: Separation of raw ore, processing of tailings, industrial minerals, gemstones, coal and iron removal. In other sectors they are ideal for metal and waste recycling.

Steinert Technologies

-STEINERT ISS: classifies all metals with induction separation
-STEINERT KSS: combined separation system encompassing 3D, color and induction
-XSS T EVO 5.0: X-ray separation according to the dual-energy principle
-STEINERT KSS | XF L: detects and separates by means of X-ray fluorescence
-NIR: near infrared separation with optical and spatial resolution

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To download from our catalogue, please fill in our form

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