High density thickener

The general function of the thickener is to increase the density of a slurry stream. This is accomplished by taking the sludge stream into the thickener and allowing the solids to settle out. The supernatant overflows for further processing or disposal. The primary function is to provide a clear water overflow, for further processing or disposal, as appropriate. Due to the low solids content, the discharge from a clarifier is generally intermittent.

Deep cone vetical thickener

Vertical decanters are based on the principle of static settling and natural precipitation of suspended solid particles. The solid particles (sludge) sink to the bottom of the structure, while the clean water overflows into the drainage system at the top and is discharged into a dedicated tank or pit (clean water tank). The shape of the Matec vertical decanter, with the right ratio between the cone and the upper cylinder, has been developed thanks to our experience in wastewater filtration. The degree of inclination of the cone perfects the thickening of the sludge and the upper cylinder can also be used as additional storage space.

Rake thickener

Horizontal decanters are suitable for higher water flows. They have a limited height and have a superior sludge thickening system. The rake mechanism agitates the sludge by its rotating movement, pushing it to the bottom.
When to use a rake thickener?
We suggest this type of clarifier when the required vertical decanters would exceed 9 meters in height.

Ideal para los sectores de minería, agregados y tratamiento ambiental.

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